The High Capacity and Payload (HiCAP) Lander is a modular multidisciplinary seabed observatory – which K.U.M. has recently improved for near-bottom investigations through the addition of multiple sensors (including CO₂, CH₄, redox and EDDI correlation sensors).

Capable of carrying a wide range of instruments, HiCAP allows for biological, physical, chemical or geological parameters to be measured across a 5.4m² area of the seabed during short- or long-term operations, depending on the customer requirements. Made from titanium, GRP and syntactic foam, the K.U.M. HiCAP reduces the risk of collected samples being contaminated and offers excellent protection from corrosion and pressure.

For deployment, an anchor is attached to create negative buoyancy and the unit descends to the desired seabed location at a speed of between 0.5 – 1.0 m/s. During recovery, an integrated acoustic releaser separates the anchor frame from the main segment. In case of failure, the HiCAP features an identical backup acoustic releaser that is always ready for use. Alternatively, the acoustic releaser may be deactivated, and release initiated manually by an ROV. The use of an ROV also offers the option to attach a wire rope to the Lander for recovery together with the anchor using a vessel crane.

HiCAP Lander
HiCAP Lander
  • Transportation to the seabed, deployment and recovery
    of marine instruments
  • Deep-sea
  • Riskless operation of ROV and AUV thanks to
    syntactic foam
  • Can be dismantled for storage purposes
  • Allows for transport of multiple instruments
  • Variety of syntactic foam quantity and sizes available
  • Titanium / GRP material for zero probe influences
  • Non-magnetic for EM-measurements
  • Huge area to support multidisciplinary investigations
  • Relay station for satellite landers via acoustic
Max payload  400 kg (in water)
Base area  5.4 m²
Floatation Syntactic foam (quantity and sizes variable)
Localization Radio beacon and flasher 
Material GFK, titanium and PP (passive and non-magnetic)
Operational depth  Up to 6000 m
Dimensions  Height – 3.60 m (with anchor frame)
Weight  2000 kg (with launcher)
Example of compatible instruments – Sediment trap– CTD system – ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler)– Remote Transducer / Modem– Telemetry – Camera 

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