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Service on research ship
Service on research ship
Service on research ship

Service on Research Vessels

Time on a research vessel is very expensive! That's why it is everybody`s intention to use each hour onboard in an optimal way. Sophisticated and robust equipment, quickly and intentionally to use, hereby helps to save money. And together with our skilled technicians who do her jobs in a rapid and precise way you gain the maximum data during your time on a research vessel.

For more than 25 years we support marine scientists at all seas. We travel on all German Research Vessels as well as on international ones. As our instruments are deployed worldwide also institutions worldwide use our services.




September 2020

R&D project "OOKULO"

With the new measurement system we will, as the esparanto name for "eye" suggests, cast another eye on high-precision measurements in the deep sea. The double "O" in the name symbolizes a pair of eyes and make clear that we want to image three-dimensional resolution...

August 2020

Exhibition moved

Exhibitions mark important dates in the year, which are already booked in the previous year's planning.

This year everything is different. Both the EAGE and the oi have been moved to December and we will try - if the corona situation allows - to participate in both exhibitions....

June 2020

K.U.M. India founded

After a long process we finally opened our new subsidiary "K.U.M. India Privat limited". We are happy to welcome our long-standing business partner Dinesh Babu as managing director.

K.U.M. India is providing our marine systems, ocean bottom seismometers, deep...