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Pressure Tube

Pressure tube Titan Grade 5 (TiAl6V4)

To offer pressure housings made of titanium grade 5 (TiAl6V4) in a highest quality and at an unbeatable price makes us an internationally renowned partner in deep-sea research.

Titanium is by 44% lighter than steed. By that less floatation is necessary and hence weight and costs are saved. Our pressure tubes are corrosions-free and can be deployed up to a depth of 6000m, if desired even to ultra-deep depth.

Before delivery each tube is pressure-tested in our pressure tank and certified.

Data Sheet:
Pressure Tube.pdf


June 2019

We are hiring!

Whether you are a software, mechanical or electrical engineer, come join our team and be part of future deep sea research and exploration.

Visit https://kum-kiel.de/jobs

October 2018

Follow SEA-SEIS project

In the project SEA-SEIS (Structure, Evolution And Seismicity of the Irish offshore), scientists from the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS) are deploying 18 of our OBS-Systems at the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Follow Daniel on a trip aboard the Celtic Explorer: [more]

March 2018

New OBS-Fleet delivered

A fleet of 18 OBS „NAMMU“ has been delivered to the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies in Ireland (www.dias.ie). The tender has been awarded to K.U.M. last year due to the excellent quality and service we provide.