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Digitizer und Recorder Datalogger "6D6"

Datalogger "6D6"

Datalogger "6D6"

Smart Design.

Nearly 20 years in marine seismic – we know what we are talking about. Base on our long experiences the digitizer and recorder „6D6“ is completely modular. Four channels are not enough? Put another AD-board on. You need a CSAC clock? Change the clock board. New sensors? We develop AD- modules according to requirements.

But also in the standard version „6D6“ sets the benchmark: 32 bit on four channels with a signal-noise-ration of 142dB and a power consumption of 125mW only – this is unique

It has a signal-to-noise-ratio of better than 142 dB and a resolution of 32bit on all  four channels. The accuracy of the clock is as high as 0.02 ppm. With a total power consumption of 125 mW including the clock the datalogger "6D6" probably shows the best performance of all datalogger available on the market.

Special characteristics of the Datalogger „6D6“ in detail

Our goal was to combine excellence performance, flexibility, easy operation and power saving – now we are proud to present the result:


  • 142 dB Signal-Noise-Ratio
  • 32 bit @ 250 sps
  • 3 seismometer and 1 hydrophone channel
  • 50 – 4000Hz samplerate
  • Up to 2TB memory


  • AD-modules interchangeable (geophone, DPG, EM,…)
  • CSAC clock possible (Timer module exchangeable)
  • Additional channels through plug-on module
  • Up to 20kHz samplerate through plug-on module
  • 24 I/O-Ports for instrument control
  • Up to 16 AD-C for housekeeping data (Batt, Temp, Hyd,…)
  • Integrated GPS can be added
  • AIS can be addedBedienung


  • Data storage StiK accessible from the outside of the pressure housing
  • Independent battery keeps the clock module synchronous for several years
  • Integrated webserver and WLAN
  • Programming with all Browsers (platform independent)
  • Hot-Plug of the data storage and continuous recording, hence utmost quick Turn-Around-Times
  • Integrated GPS, hence new synchronisation already when recovering
  • AIS-supported recovery
  • Open-Source data conversion Software (SEED, m-SEED, CSAC, SEG-Y..)

Power supply:

  • 125mW power consumption during recording
  • 4μW in Sleeping-Mode
  • 10 seconds Power-buffering when disconnecting the battery
  • Clock buffered for several years
  • Webserver is active only during programming, turns off completely

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Data Sheet:

Datalogger "6D6".pdf

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June 2019

We are hiring!

Whether you are a software, mechanical or electrical engineer, come join our team and be part of future deep sea research and exploration.

Visit https://kum-kiel.de/jobs

October 2018

Follow SEA-SEIS project

In the project SEA-SEIS (Structure, Evolution And Seismicity of the Irish offshore), scientists from the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS) are deploying 18 of our OBS-Systems at the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Follow Daniel on a trip aboard the Celtic Explorer: [more]

March 2018

New OBS-Fleet delivered

A fleet of 18 OBS „NAMMU“ has been delivered to the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies in Ireland (www.dias.ie). The tender has been awarded to K.U.M. last year due to the excellent quality and service we provide.